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Anti Dust Vent Tape 1″ x 100 ft.


The solid Vented tape should be applied on the bottom width edge of the polycarbonate sheets to allow condensation drainage and prevent dust and dirt to get inside the ribs. 


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AntiDUSTtape keeps multiwall sheets crystal clear.

Correct moisture control in the channels of the multiwall sheet is essential for guaranteeing the transparency or translucency and long life of the panels. Moisture condenses in the channels of the multiwall panels due to differences in exterior and interior temperature. If this moisture is not removed, it will lead to the growth of algae and mold. Leaving the channels open may seem like a practical solution, but it does not prevent dust and insects, from entering the channels, which greatly reduces the crystal clarity! Simply installing an aluminum or plastic profile to the edges of the panels without using AntiDUSTtape will not be enough protection against impurities.

AntiDUSTtape, a patented product, guarantees the ideal level of cleanliness and condensation control in the channels of the multiwall sheets. In addition, since AntiDUSTtape is made of strong non-woven materials and is backed with a specially modified acrylic adhesive, it adjusts without difficulty to the natural expansion and contraction of the multiwall sheet. AntiDUSTtape is available in two types and several widths, perfect for a number of applications 

A recommended tape, for example, for the top edge of panels used in roofing applications is out Aluminum solid tape which will also maximize the R value of the polycarbonate sheet.


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